Port Macquarie: Port Macquarie Race Club Sunday 29, September 2019

Meeting Type: Country (Non-TAB MEETING)
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Rail Position: +3m Entire
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf
Track Condition: Good 4
Weather: Fine
Track Information:
Acceptances Last Published: Thu 26-Sep-19 2:00PM AEST
Riders must be declared before: Sun 29-Sep-19 8:00AM AEST
Scratching close: Sun 29-Sep-19 8:00AM AEST
Total Number of acceptors for this meeting (including emergencies) 23

Track Name: Main Track Type: Turf

Field Limit: 10
No Last 10 Horse Bonus Trainer Jockey Barrier Wgt(kg) Probable Weight(kg) Penalty(kg) Benchmark
1 6906477498 BADGE OF HONOUR Tess Wilkes 13 N/A
2 BAY OF BENGAL Neil Godbolt 12 N/A
3 BEAR THE CROWN Barry Ratcliff Raymond Spokes 10 N/A
4 DESERT ISLAND Terry Evans 1 N/A
5 7x41790x DR DEMON Bob Milligan 9 N/A
6 x115116xL9 LET’S REBELLE Jenny Graham Jacob Golden 4 N/A
7 STONECOLD FLEX Tas Morton Ben Looker 21 N/A
8 STORMY PLUCK Bob Milligan 20 N/A
9 WELTER Wayne Wilkes 14 N/A
10 ZELLYMAY Allan Kehoe 7 N/A
11e MR MAGOO Allan Kehoe 2 N/A
12e MONICA’S STAR Wayne Wilkes 5 N/A
13e CAIRO HEAT Terry Evans 18 N/A
14e 5211225x CHAMISAL John Sprague 11 N/A
15e 3x1318x185 GUMSHOE Marc Quinn 3 N/A
16e 2356710x81 HAAMES Colt Prosser 17 N/A
17e 5x2331481x I WANNA BE A JEEP Jenny Graham 22 N/A
18e 2534x7653x LINE UP GIRLS Jenny Graham 6 N/A
19e 9667x RAZANO John Sprague 23 N/A
20e 07x THE VANDELLAS Karen Owen 8 N/A
21e 40970x CAMELOT GOLD Margaret De Gonneville Jeff Kehoe 19 N/A
22e 323x TALLIS Colt Prosser Peter Graham 16 N/A
23e 0570625868 WILDCARD Maree Hopkins 15 N/A